Testing Equipment

We supply & worldwide export high quality Calibration Test Equipments for calibration and testing of precision pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, transducers and other pressure sensitive equipment used in the industry.

  • Dead Weights Pressure Gauges Tester, Ranges Upto 1000 kg/cm2.
  • Comparison Test Pump for pressure & vacuum gauge Calibration
  • Accuracies +/-0.1% , +/-0.05%, +/-0.03%( for Lab and pipeline Projects ), +/-0.025% & +/-0.015%



Comparison Testers – Pressure & vacuum

Comparator Testers are used for quick calibration by comparison with master gauge on a pressurized test pump with a test standard of known accuracy and span to allow rapid, accurate calibration of pressure instruments.

Pressure Testers

Application : Calibration of pressure Gauges, Transmitters, Transducers, Recorders.

Operating Principle : When fluid Pressure generated by a screw pump acts on the Test/Master Gauge, the pressure in the circuit will be determined by the reading in the test gauge and this pressure is compared with the respective readings of the gauge under test. Two Gauge Connectors are provided for connecting master gauge and gauge to be tested to the same hydraulic pressure. Screw Pump to generate pressure in the circuit. Permits easy and accurate setting of pressure

Technical Specification  
Range Various models from 0-1000 kg/cm2.
Accuracy Depends on the accuracy of the master gauge. Accuracy + 0.25% and + 0.5%.
Operating Medium Air, Water or oil as the operating fluid as per application.
Type of Pump Screw pump of adequate capacity to generate pressure.
Wetted Parts MS or SS304
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Vacuum Testers

Application : For calibration of vacuum gauges and other sensing, transmitting and recording vacuum instruments

Operating Principle : No External source required for creating vacuum, built in screw pump is adequate for effective and faster vacuum build - up. Vacuum is developed by expansion of air inside the screw pump. Works on the reverse principle of pressure pumps

Technical Specification  
Different Ranges 0 to 700mmhg
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