Pressure & Vaccum Gauges

We worldwide export our “YASH” make Digital Test Pressure Gauge series are micro-processor controlled, accurate and with/without integrated simultaneously DC mA Measurement Capability. We offer Micro controller based wide range of competitively priced precision pressure / temperature measuring instruments.



1. Digital Gauge

Our gauge has been widely accepted by many OEM’s around the world. Even after comparisons from other Asian & European companies- our clients has really appreciated the interegated technical workmanship & the ground quality we supply them. We can assure you the best quality & with economical pricing. They are portable battery operated which comes in leather case and are designed for harsh conditions.

Range : Pressure, Vacuum, compound: (-) 1 to 0 -----------700 bar
Display :

Digital LCD shows reading

• Self-adjustment (Return to zero automatically)
• Upto 6 decimal display high customized LCD • Units, On/off, clear, Zero, min / max• Self-adjustment (Return to zero automatically)
• Upto 6 decimal display high customized LCD
Case : Aluminium / SS 304 (dia 100mm)
Calibration : Possible Password protected
Connection : 1/4" BSP (M) standard operating other on request
Features : • Backlight, reset and unit switches.
• To display Peak-Hold value,
• Auto off after 5 minutes without any knobs/switches operations, in order to save   the power.
Range Accuracy : +/- 0.15, 0.10, 0.075 % FSD
Power Supply : Lithium battery chargeable (1.5V x 5 NO ALKALINE DURACELL TYPE)
Ambient Temperature : 10 - 60 C
Storage Temperature : 0 - 70 C
Humidity : 90% RH (non-condensing)
Engineering Unit : • Ranges 6 units depending on the model:
Kg/cm2, psi, bar, mmhg, Inch hg, mm H2o, inch H2o
Optional Accessories : Leather Case, Various types of Adaptors, Quick Connect/disconnect Adaptors
For -760 mm Hg Vacuum range resolution of 2 Kg/cm2 will be applicable.
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